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New Hope Baptist Church History

  • It all began in 1921…
  • With faith and courage, a small group formed the nucleus of those who would be the founders of a new church came together and produced the following letter as their first official church document.

    December 31, 1921
    Whereas; this group of men and women are going out to form a mission or a church, we therefore present their names in a group form which is absolutely official. 
    The following named persons applied for letters and are hereby granted dismissal by order of the Central Baptist Church.  These members are dismissed in good and regular standing. 
    (A list of 32 names followed). 

    Done by the order of the Central Baptist Church

    Signed by:
    Reverend P.J. Price Pastor
    Fred Abernathy, Clerk
  • Those receiving letters as charter members were:
  •  The Rose brothers, William, Church and Elijah with their wives Eliza, Emma and Maggie and William’s son Edward.
  • Sister Nancy Hannah and her daughter Willa, as well as her father, Brother L. Davis.
  • Brother and Sister J.C. Collins and Sister Collins’ son and daughter, Vernon Cole and Pauline Cole.
  • Brother and Sister J.J. Jackson, Neal Rolla, George Anderson, Henry L. Broils, Burnett Wilson and Oscar Triplett.
  • Other charter members were: Sister Ella Scott, Brother A.S. Peters, Sister Mollie Scott, Brother William Coleman and Brother James Vernon.
  • On January 15, 1922, the group gathered in a building at the corner of East 22nd Avenue and Arapahoe Street for the purpose of organizing a church and their first worship service.  J.J. Jackson, acting as Master of Ceremonies, called the meeting to order at 3:25 p.m.  This group sang the selection “Beulah Land,” and prayer was offered by Deacon A.S. Peters.  They sang another song, “Lord Send the Old Time Power”.  Following this selection, Reverend P.P. Mellon introduced Reverend A. Hill as Moderator, with Reverend Gravitt, Pastor of Galilee Baptist Church, who assisted with the organizing. 

The Moderator, Reverend Hill, called for the letter naming those who desired to be dismissed from the Central Baptist Church and to become members of the new church.  The letter was read by Brother William Rose.  It was moved and seconded that this body would name this newly formed church, THE NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH. 

Reverend Hill admonished the group to “Get off Your Time and Get on God’s Time”.  The first sermon of New Hope Baptist Church was preached by Reverend Joshua Gravitt titled, “What a Church Should Be.” His text was from 1 Peter 2:22.  “As newborn babes, desires the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.”  After the close of the sermon, when the doors of the church were opened, the following persons accepted the call:

  • Sister Elsie Barry
  • Sister A.C. Carr
  • Brother A.C. Carr
  • Sister Eliza Davis
  • Sister Charlotte Downing
  • Sister Willa May Goss
  • Brother L.H. Hannah
  • Sister Pauline Hockman
  • Sister Maud Jones
  • Brother Harry Neely
  • Sister Ida McWilliams
  • Brother Lou Williams

The first offering was $16.35.  Thus New Hope Baptist Church was Born!

  • Reverend E.M. Cohron was elected as the first Pastor.  He led the congregation into purchasing the building located at 2531 Ogden Street as its first home.  Reverend Cohron passed away in November of that same year, 1922.
  • Select ministers served as Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church:
    • 1923 – 1924 Reverend Frank M. Liggins
    • 1924 – 1929 Reverend G. William Ward
    • 1930 – 1935 Reverend T.S. Sanders
    • !936 – 1936 Reverend J.W. Patton
  • In 1937, Reverend Alvin C. Dones became the sixth Pastor and on January 16, 1949, he led the congregation into the former home of the 23rd Avenue Presbyterian Church.  This impressive building at 922 E. 23rd Avenue at Ogden Street became the home of New Hope Baptist Church for over 44 years.

    New Hope Baptist Church on 23rd Ave & Ogden (1949)
  • In 1951, for health reasons, Reverend Dones resigned and moved to California.  He recommended that the church consider calling the Reverend M.C. Williams of Omaha, Nebraska to be the new Pastor. 
  • In 1951, Reverend, M.C. Williams accepted the call to become the seventh Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.  Under his leadership many important things occurred including the retirement of the $50,000 mortgage in 1955 and a $52,000 re-decorating and expansion program.  The building of a new manse was completed in 1963.  In 1978, Reverend Williams resigned as Pastor to accept the call of the Roger Williams Baptist Church in Los Angles, California.  He recommended the church consider calling the Reverend James D. Peters, Jr. of Atlanta, Georgia to be the Pastor. 
  • In 1978, Reverend James D. Peters, Jr. accepted the call to become the eighth Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.  Under his leadership a totally new worship and educational center located at 3701 Colorado Boulevard was erected and dedicated on Sunday, August 22, 1993. 
    New Hope Baptist Church on 37th & Colorado Blvd (1993)
  • In October of 2003, New Hope dedicated its Family Life Center, a $2.3 million facility.  The Family Life Center is a 17.645 square foot extension of New Hope Baptist Church.  This Multi-Purpose/Multi-Use Facility is composed of a full-court gymnasium, commercial kitchen, banquet center, stage, choir rehearsal room, music library, meeting rooms, offices, and an octagon-shaped Prayer & Meditation Room located on the northwest end of the facility. 
    New Hope Family Life Center Facility (built 2003)
  • In 2006, Reverend Peters retired as Pastor and was bestowed the title Pastor Emeritus.
  • In 2008, Reverend Ambrose F. Carroll accepted the call to become the ninth Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.  He left New Hope in March 2009.
  • Reverend James D. Peters Jr. came out of retirement in October 2009 to lead the church through its transition period until a new pastor was called.
  • God was our guide and brought Reverend Eugene M. Downing Jr., D. Min. to serve as the tenth Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.  He came beginning July 2011.
  • Reverend Downing’s installation’s services were held in October 2011.
    Rev. Downing's Installation Service
  • The congregation was excited to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Dr. Downing in October 2018.


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