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Seeking Daniel

Feb 5th, 2017 | By Ava M. Gardner

This past week was the first week we went back to eating regular (soDanielmewhat) after completing the Daniel Fast.  I asked people what they gained from the experience.  'Clarity' seemed to be a constant answer. 

Initially, when we entered into this intiative, some of us weren't really sure what to expect, except that we would be starving for twenty-one days (or so we thought).  We had visions of starvation, and maybe the constant thought of food in our brains.  But, it wasn't like that at all. 

We shared our experiences with each other, and provided suggestions on what to eat, so that we weren't just eating the same thing every day with no variation.  We moved into the spiritual component of this effort a little late - some of us by intention, and others by lack of direction or just not knowing what to do next.  Hopefully, God knows our intentions were sincere. 

We did gain something good though.  I felt there was less noise - audibly and physically.  There were just fewer distractions, as a result of ommitting nutrition-deficient food. 

As a result of this program, a few of us have discussed doing this Daniel Fast again for Lent.  Are we even capable?  That's twice as long as our first go around. But, we believe we can gain something really great. Besides, we have to lWisdomet go if we hope to get a little closer to God. 

Is God trying to tell us something?

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